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Wandering with Gary

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affilialte Marketing is completely performance based. I have registered as an affiliate with a number of online companies and I am compensated for directing visitors to each company's site, where, items are purchased.

I have listed a few of the Affiliate programs that I have become a member of below and in doing so, I wish to give you an idea as to what each can offer.

I have found through my experience that affiliate marketing is hard work, but the hard work is paying off and becoming well worth the effort.

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Flow of Affiliate Marketing


Tweet eye is a powerful tool used with social media to link your eBay, Etsy, website and RSS images to social media accounts (in my case Twitter) using the power of hashtags and images to increase visitor traffic.

​The innovation of Tweet Eye extracts images and texts from the seller's website and online selling platforms and sends them as posts to the social media feeds where potential buyers can see them.

The "Market Intelligence" feature combines data mining and hashtag analysis to detect trends on social media and identify terms used by the relevant audience to maximize sales conversions.

The "Scheduling" feature automatically executes the marketing campaign continuously throughout the day and night, seeking out new target markets in different time zones.

The "User Interface" has been designed for simple, ease of use.

Ebay Partner Network


Why should you consider ePN?

  • Competitive earnings potential based on category-level commissions
  • 200% referral bonus for new or reactivated buyers
  • Seasonal and category-specific bonuses and promotions
  • Different buying options including auctions, "Buy It Now" and Daily Deals
  • Access to basic and advanced tools that work with any online property

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